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Plaited Water Hyacinth / Rattan / Natural Banana / Kubu / Split Kubu / Kretes / Croco / Peel Boiled

  • The above mentioned are different types of Indonesian weaves used. They are all from different plants, leaves and reeds and have different styles, shapes and colours.
  • All our woven products are handmade using a combination of leaves & reeds naturally grown in Indonesia. All products containing weaves are woven by hand. 
  • All woven items are recommended for indoor/undercover patio use ONLY. Exposing these items to weather elements will cause damage
Our Indonesian furniture is hand-made. It may contain imperfections & natural distress in the wood and weaving. This adds to the rustic charm of the product. 


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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is artificial leather that is chemically created. PVC is known to be one of the oldest synthetic materials and is known for its easy maintenance. It is used on furniture for its leather-like look and is used in the low budget furniture range


Leather Touch PU / Polyurethane (PU) 

PU is synthetic leather that is chemically created. PU is known to be a strong, flexible and durable material. It is good for itsprice and eco friendliness and creates a good leather-like look on furniture. PU furniture is in the budget price range


Leather Air

Leather Air is a new generation of synthetic leather that has excellent quality and durability. Microscopic perforations allow air to flow through, balancing body temperature to the environment. Leather Touch Air is plush, thick and breathable. Leather Touch Air furniture is in the mid-price range


Bonded Leather

Also known as reconstituted leather, is genuine leather fibres / left overs which are joined together and bonded with a PU (Polyurethane) colour finish. Using a small percentage of actual leather makes it different from artificial or synthetic leathers like PU and PVC. Bonded leather is known for its affordability. Bonded Leather Furniture is priced in the mid-price range


Full Bonded Leather

The whole item is Bonded Leather


Bonded Leather Uppers 

The seat, back rest & arm rests (all the parts you sit on / use often) are made with Bonded Leather and the rest of the item (like the back and sides) is made with PU. This is done to keep the product affordable yet still durable.


Top Grain Leather

Genuine Leather. This is the most common type of leather used today. Top Grain Leather uses the outer portion of the hide thus making it one of the strongest types of leather. Leather is used in the high-end price range


Top Grain Leather Uppers

The seat, back rest & arm rests (all the parts you sit on / use often) are made with Top Grain Leather and the rest of the item (like the back and sides) is made with PU


Bovine Leather

This refers to cowhide leather. This is used to produce premium leather goods and gives maximum value for money in terms of durability, elegance and texture.



Veneer refers to thin slices of solid wood which are glued onto a synthetic wood inner. Wood veneers are adhered to the surface of a piece of furniture to give it the glowing appearance of real wood.



3 or more layers of Veneer make plywood. The layers of wood veneer are bonded with glue to produce solid plywood panels. It is an artificial wood made from numerous thin laminates of wood glued together. Each layer is at right angle to the grain of the other to give it great strength while also allowing it to remain quite pliable.


Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

MDF is an extremely durable, warp and twist resistant panel product manufactured by compressing powdered wood fibers, resin & wax under high pressure. MDF is a durable product. It is an artificial wood and very easy to work with.


Chipboard / Particleboard

structural material made of wood fragments such as chips and shavings which are mechanically pressed into a sheet and bonded together with resin. It is an artificial wood made like MDF but from actual wood chips. When used for furniture it is covered with a wood veneer or a laminate


Acacia Wood

Wood from the Acacia Tree. Acacia wood is especially prized for furniture, because of its durability, lustrous finish, and varied shades. The acacia tree grows very slowly which makes the wood incredibly hard and durable.


Birch Wood

One of the toughest American woods, with fine grain and pleasing light tone similar to maple. Birch can offer a variety of grain patterns and can be stained to resemble walnut or mahogany.


Mango Wood

Mango wood is a hard, dense timber. Mango wood has a unique grain made up of different colour properties and tones. Mango wood is a popular wood known for its sustainability. The Mango Tree is native to South and Southeast Asia.


Mahogany Wood

A rich deep reddish brown wood. Mahogany wood is ideally used for furniture as it has a smooth, even grain pattern. Mahogany is finely grained hard wood. It is extremely durable and resists swelling, shrinking, warping and twisting. Mahogany is used extensively for high quality, expensive furniture.


Sheesham Wood

A solid teak wood native to India. This wood is known to have an irregular grain structure that makes each piece of furniture unique & distinctive in appearance. Sheesham wood is also popular for its strength and density



A popular and commonly known wood, mainly because of its environmentally friendly quality. Rubberwood is known for its durability and little tendency to warp or crack. Native to Brazil, but extensively cultivated in tropical regions, especially in Asia


White Wood / Pine

A light colour wood most commonly used in furniture. There are many different types of pine wood ranging from soft to hard.


Solid Beech Wood

A mild wood with a solid density. This wood has a strong surface & this, as well as the density allows it to hold up very well.


Elm Wood

This is the timber from an Elm Tree. Elm wood is extremely tough and has extensive interlocked grain



A synthetic wood made up of a blend of thermoformed plastics.


Laminates consist of a layer of wood or paper, which is applied over a wood frame and sealed with a protective layer of thermosetting resin.

PU / Foil Lamination

A paper applied to particle board or MDF surfaces to give it a wood-like colour finish.

Vinyl Lamination

A paper material stronger than PU/ Foil applied to particle board or MDF surfaces that is designed to be durable and easy to clean. Vinyl has the look of a wooden grain finish.

Melamine Lamination

A popular material used to cover particle board or MDF surfaces. Melamine is a thicker, more durable material. It makes furniture stain resistant, heat and water resistant.


Teak Wood

Greyish brown in colour, teak wood is hardwood suitable for outdoor applications due to its high water resistance, and durability. Continued exposure to weather elements such as rain & direct sunlight will create a greyish look. Teak oil may be applied in order to maintain the look. Our teak wood comes in different grades. Our normal teak furniture is C grade (the most commonly used). We also stock AB grade teak furniture- higher grade and more expensive than C grade.


Teak Wood Branch

Known to be the yellowish-brown wood of teak trees. Hard, strong and durable. Resistant to insects and warping.



Cotton is a soft, fluffy fiber that grows in a boll, or inclose case, around the seeds of the cotton plant.



An extremely fine synthetic fibre



An extremely durable furniture fabric made of tightly woven polyester.



A closely woven fabric of silk, cotton or nylon that has a thick short pile on one side. Known for its soft and smooth texture.


Mock Suede

An animal-friendly material made from polyester microfiber that is woven into a soft plastic fabric.


Tempered Glass

Glass that has been specially processed for safety. Tempering puts the outer surfaces of the glass into compression, and the inner surfaces into tension. Also known as toughened glass.



Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – a strong plastic that is easily moldable


Polypropylene (PP)

A type of plastic produced by a chemical reaction. Known to be very light in weight but tough and durable in quality. Suitable for outdoor / patio but not must be left in the hot sun.


Polycarbonate (PC)

A type of plastic produced by a chemical reaction. Known to be very durable, tough and versatile.


Epoxy Coating

The use of epoxy compounds as coatings or paints. It is generally an epoxy resin which is made up of two parts which are mixed prior to application. Epoxy coating provides protection.



A giant woody grass of which the hollow stem of the plant is used to make furniture items.

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